• Halls for the optimal use of space in the warehouse
    Halls for the optimal use
    of space in the warehouse
  • Master offices on storage platforms for production monitoring
    Master offices on storage platforms
    for production monitoring
  • Flexible system rooms for variable requirements
    Flexible system rooms for
    variable requirements

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Haupteingang becker.raumsysteme - Minden

With our expertise in sales, design and production of room systems, our highly trained team is able to quickly analyze and identify your needs. In accordance with this, we can advise you on all aspects of room systems, such as indoor offices and industrial partitions, to provide you with suitable offers and to implement your projects flexibly and professionally. The team at becker.raumsysteme combines your wishes with our ideas and experiences, which are based on the various technical possibilities of our innovative space systems.

In the successful cooperation with our customers, we look back on almost 20 years of experience in sales, design and production of innovative room systems. Here are the most important stages of our company development.


The successful history of becker.raumsysteme GmbH begins with the founding of our company in 1997. The company is only launched by the owner and founder as well as a fitter. However, their many years of experience as specialists for modern space systems create a solid foundation for the young company in the very early days of becker.raumsysteme GmbH. For example, the company's growth is only a few years after the company's first expansion and relocation to a new location.


In January 2005, the development of the company reached the next milestone when we started with our own production of room systems and steel booms and our own powder coating of our products.


In August of 2012, becker.raumsysteme is also registered as a trademark. The modular system RS 45 has proven itself and established itself on the market.


Due to our good performance and successful work, more and more customers are giving us their trust so that becker.raumsysteme GmbH will record sales of more than seven million Euros in 2014.


For a particularly customer-oriented service, the management of becker.raumsysteme GmbH is still in the hands of the owner. An experienced team consists of 29 permanent employees. In addition, becker.raumsysteme GmbH also employs 14 independent fitters who work exclusively for our company. Today, becker.raumsysteme GmbH serves its customers from two locations. At one location, we concentrated sales and design, while our production has its own separate location.

For the future

The goals we have achieved in the last few years confirm that the path we have taken is going well in the future. Innovative space systems and first-class customer service for satisfied partners and customers have always been the best recommendation for stock-keeping and growth in the history of our company. In the future, becker.raumsysteme GmbH and its team will also continue this successful strategy together with our old and new customers.

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YOUR ADVANTAGES AT becker.raumsysteme

  • 20 years of experience with modular room systems
  • Flexible, compatible modular system
  • Walls and mezzanines from a single source
  • Delivery directly from the manufacturer
  • Optimum use of space