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  • Double-storey room systems with storage platforms
    Double-storey room systems
    with storage platforms
  • Storage areas in combination with master cabins
    Storage areas in combination
    with master cabins
  • Increased master offices with an overview of the production
    Increased master offices with an
    overview of the production

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Lagerbühne mit Treppenaufgang

The LB 300 mezzanines from becker.raumsysteme offer you the possibility to extend your available space requirement by installing additional levels. The steel construction profiles with bend-resistant connections come out without interfering diagonal joints, whereby the benefit for you increases through appealing optics additionally.

The design of the staircase shape is adapted to your wishes outside our standardized solutions. Our storage platforms consist of hot-rolled steel profiles and therefore offer a low-vibration design. Areas of application for bearing platforms in LB 300 construction include:

  • Inplant offices and roomsystems from our product range
  • Double-floor offices and offices on storage platforms
  • Established master offices and company offices on pedestals
  • Mezzanines to expand the storage area

Platform for roomsystem

Lagerbühne mit Hallenbüro und Notleiter

When erecting steel structures such as the LB 300 platform, the existing conditions of the building are included in the planning. Thus the hall installations optimally use the potential of the surface. If steel construction is then used as a platform for a room system such as a hall office, the space beneath the construction can be used as an area. Alternatively, this lower room can also be used as master office. In addition to the subassemblies for the design, we offer you a comprehensive range of accessories for our products. In addition to various staircases, various stage coverings are possible. In addition, we offer you individual constructions such as projections and adaptations to the existing building structure through the planning in our house.

Stairways to mezzanines

Treppenaufgang Stahlbau

In order to reach the additionally created levels of the storage platforms, stairways are used in a wide variety of variants. The stairs can be attached to the side of the storage platform or be located inside.

You will find the construction and manufacture of the bearing sheds at becker.raumsysteme from a single source. This allows us to meet individual customer requirements and offer tailor-made solutions.

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