• Separations of industrial halls with system walls
    Separations of industrial halls
    with system walls
  • Orderly production plants thanks to modular screens
    Orderly production plants thanks
    to modular screens
  • Safety screens by freestanding screens
    Safety screens by freestanding

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Partition systems

Trennwandsystem unter Stahlbinder

Our partitioning systems are the optimal solution for partitioning in different areas of application. The industrial partition wall system RS 45 is designed for use in industrial plants and provides optimum protection for commercial requirements. The application areas of the partition wall system include:

  • Freestanding walls in production
  • Halls separated by partitions
  • Subdivisions of Halls Offices

The components of the partition walls used are overlapping with the components of our product groups office buildings or room systems. The RS 45 system can be dismantled without damage and can be reused many times thanks to the compatibility with other product groups of becker.raumsysteme GmbH. A decisive advantage for rented rooms or companies that want to remain flexible in the design of the workplaces.

In industrial production environments or warehouses, we offer the best solutions for acoustic and optical separations with the separation systems made of powder-coated steel parts. The existing structural conditions are considered by us individually to work out an optimal solution for their production site. Often it is possible to combine the partition walls with other solutions and to integrate system spaces into the planning. For example, different room systems can share individual wall sections to provide a cost-effective solution.

By means of partitioning systems with the flexible modular system RS 45, closed or open-cut sewers can be installed in the factory. The requirements for the partition wall systems can be:

  • Hall partitioning and security partitioning
  • Foreclosure of production facilities
  • Enclosure of machines by means of partition walls

Safety enclosures

Freistehende Stellwand zur Einhausung

The separation of roadways production sites is a frequently demanded solution for safety reasons. The complete subdivision of individual areas of a production hall or warehouse is also widely used to protect against dirt and noise. Individual machines, such as robots or entire systems, must be sealed off against unauthorized access and workers' safety. The production facility retains an open modern character thanks to its versatile possibilities for the design of the modular partition walls with doors, gates or various glass options.

The assembly of the modular partitioning systems takes place and the dirt is developed. This means that conversion work can take place during the ongoing production process. Standstills and downtimes are therefore significantly reduced compared to conventional construction measures. In contrast to construction methods such as drywall construction, changes and conversion measures can be made at any time on the room systems at any time.

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