• Separations of industrial halls with system walls
    Separations of industrial halls
    with system walls
  • Modular partition walls connected to the structure
    Modular partition walls connected
    to the structure

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Trennwandsysteme mit Deckenanschluss zwischen Betonpfeilern

In commercial production environments, individual departments or production lines are often separated from one another. These separations are often subject to fluctuating requirements and must adapt themselves to the current situation. Modular system partition walls are used here. The self-supporting systems consist of prefabricated wall parts, which are assembled into partition walls in lightweight construction. Due to the prefabricated parts of the system RS 45, a quick assembly of the system partition walls is possible. The advantages of modular partition walls are:

  • Standardized grid dimensions
  • Freely combinable wall types
  • Adjustments by compensating elements
  • Extensive options for door and gate solutions

With the flexible modular system RS 45 from becker.raumsysteme GmbH, separations in production plants or warehouses are efficiently and economically possible. The powder-coated steel parts of the partition walls have been developed for use in industrial environments. The system partition wall can be connected to an existing building with side connections of up to 6 m. Thus, individual separations between concrete piers and concrete bonders are possible. In addition, whole hall sections can also be partitioned from side to side by partitions.

As a manufacturer of modular system partition walls, becker.raumsysteme GmbH can specifically recognize the individual requirements in production plants or warehouses and offer solutions.

Industrial hall separators

Stellwände mit Wandanschluss an Betonpfeiler

For the separation of individual areas in commercial environments, the RS 45 system offers possibilities for the flexible transformation of the factory. In addition to the use of the system wall as partition with wall and ceiling connection, it is also possible to install freestanding partition walls.

The hall partitions, which are erected by means of partition walls, are not connected to existing buildings as partitions. The freestanding system walls are stabilized laterally by special elements. Thus, enclosures of workplaces or production processes are self-sufficient. The partition walls with wall connection as well as the freestanding screens are made of the RS 45 system from becker.raumsysteme GmbH.

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