• Screens for enclosures of open character
    Screens for enclosures of
    open character
  • Freestanding partition walls for structuring the factory
    Freestanding partition walls for
    structuring the factory

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Freistehende Stellwand zur Einhausung

Freestanding room systems enable individual areas to be screened in large production halls. If no ceiling construction is required to shield the enclosure from the top, freestanding screens can be used. The powder-coated steel parts of the RS 45 system are handy and can be easily mounted in the desired production position during the ongoing production process. Due to the freely combinable wall types of the modular system, an individual solution can be installed according to the requirements of the respective situation. The screens can be used for:

  • Machine housings
  • Infrastructure limitations
  • Access control
  • Privacy

Due to increasing safety requirements, individual machines can be separated in the production process using positioning walls. The extensive options for the design of the individual system partition range from the glazing to the execution of various door variants up to wall openings. The partition walls can be used freely in the hall or can be connected as a two-sided or three-sided variant to the existing building structure.

The heights of the partition walls can be designed to be absolutely variable. In the case of simple room systems of 2 m, heights are possible or, depending on the requirements, much higher screen walls of up to 3.50 m.

System solutions with inplant Offices

Stellwände in Kombination mit Hallenbüros

Freestanding screens without a ceiling design can not only be used as a self-sufficient solution, but are also fully compatible with the product areas of office buildings or other room systems. Depending on the requirements, it is possible to offer partial areas of the room systems open to the top. This creates work areas completed in the halls. These are closed and provide protection from the noise and dirt of the production site. These room systems can, for example, be connected to one another by means of setting walls so as to form an entire system solution.

The RS 45 components are fully compatible with each other. Thus retrofitting measures or extensions are possible at any time. Thanks to the simple and fast installation without dirt development, conversions are possible during the ongoing production process.

The self-supporting modular system can be adapted to the specific requirements by means of various options such as door elements or gates. The prefabricated parts and the freely combinable wall types allow economical system rooms and enclosures to be built. With special compensating elements exact adjustments are possible without having to use special parts.

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