• Separations of industrial halls with system walls
    Separations of industrial halls
    with system walls
  • Orderly production plants thanks to modular screens
    Orderly production plants thanks
    to modular screens
  • Safety screens by freestanding screens
    Safety screens by freestanding

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Technical details inplant offices

becker.raumsysteme® "System RS 45" the industrial partition wall

  • Wall sections, 45 mm thick, made of double-shell steel sheet and inserted hook strips, filled with mineral wool, surface powder coated. Wall brackets also in the above design, individually adapted to the local requirements, fire protection class A2
  • Supports made of square steel tube 45/45 / 1.5 mm with grid perforation for connection to wall elements, fire protection class A2 < li> Base plates powder coated, fire protection class A2
  • Wall balancing elements for connection to the existing building structure, compensation of dimensional tolerances, fire protection class A2
  • Base profile - floor - PVC with upper and lower lip, fire protection class B1 / li>
  • Glazing height 1,090 mm in single glazing 5 mm float glass or insulating glazing 21 mm thick, enclosed in plastic glass retaining strips, fire protection class for glass retaining strips B1
  • Recessed and varnished ZK metal door leaves with glass cutout, PVC - push handle, lock prepared for on-site installation of profile cylinders enclosed in metal door frame, fire protection class B1
  • Deck construction with mineral fiber acoustic dec ke System AMF, plate type Fresco, suspended by self-supporting deck supports, fire protection class A2 / B1
Explosionszeichnung Einzelteile Trennwände
Hakenverbindung Wandteil zu Stütze

Sound insulation by the elements

Airborne sound insulation DIN EN 20 140-3:1995

For the partition systems, the following evaluated sound insulation dimensions and spectrum adaptation values apply DIN EN ISO 717-1

  • Rw = 29 dB for sight elements in ISO design with glazing in insulating glass 22 mm
  • Rw = 29 dB for medium elements with glazing in float glass 5 mm
  • Rw = 30 dB for solid wall elements without glazing
  • Rw = 41 dB for the pure, isolated on a test stand measured wall element

Place of examination: Fraunhofer Institute of Building Physics Stuttgart. The test was carried out in an IBP test laboratory which is accredited according to DIN EN 45001 by the DAP with the number DAP-PL-2135.17.

Advantages of the RS 45 wallsystem

The modular design with the system partition offers considerable advantages over conventional methods such as drywall construction or solid construction. Due to the reusability of the components, there is an ecological advantage in the disposal of building materials. Other advantages include:

  • The wall system is made of robust double-shell steel sheet filled with mineral wool.
  • Static self-supporting system for which no changes to the existing building structure are necessary.
  • Connecting the wall elements to each other via hooks and holes.
  • Reduction of assembly costs by delivery in individual parts and the modular design on site.
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